Wednesday, 24 June 2009

consumer fair 09

thats my cuzy.. Hanif Hidayat..
tomorrow's his birthday! sorry paksa post awal coz i know tomorrow i'll be very busy coz i got work tomorrow.. huhu
so takut inda sampat esok i wish u hari ani lah ah.. ehehehe
mudahan panjang umur & murah rezeki ah nip...
sehat selalu... love ya!
thanks a lot kerane sudi meminjami laptop mu ini... muahahahahah! :DDD

okay... im here to inform you Bruneaians that tomorrow(25thJUNE09) i'll be at ICC BERAKAS for the Consumer Fair..
so make a date with me, from 1.30pm onwards yeahhh! :))
and and fyi, siapa2 yang kan beli my album tomorrow ada tu di sana...
dont worry, harga special beybeyhh!! hahahahahha

errr... i dont feel like blogging now...
but i feel like changing my layout... ehhhehe

so i'll end this post here okay...

eh eh! waiiittt..!!!
i'll be flying off to KL this 26th June...
coz i got show on the 27th at THE GRAND SEASONS HOTEL..
yaye-ness! will be performing with some of my WORLDSTARS MATES :D
see you guys soon okay..

and babyLOVE, I LOVE YOU LAAAA... heehehehhee

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

hate toothache!

i dont have any idea which gambar nak letak.. but i like this one! hehehe
curi from her FB.. ;p haha
Happy Birthday to dear NAJLA :))
have a blast yeah sista! love ya!

HEY! i just came back from Dental Clinic ni..
ader appointment td...
skali kn im complaining bout my GiGi balakang sebelah kiri ni slalu sakit tau...
makan pon jadi tak sedap..
skali ambik X-ray and all, the Doctor said it was okay.. nothing serious..
so proceed with gigi bawah pulak..
skali the doctor said, dier kene inject dekat urat besar yg hold half of my muke(yg dekat area mulut je la)..
SERIOUS seyh, half of my muke NUMB! like i cannot feel anything tau..
my lidah pun sebelah takleh rase pape..
and i was so very the panic coz i felt my muke mcm senget sebelah! hahaha
then the doctor convinced me by tunjukkan kat cermin uh my muke.. HAHAHAHAH
after that i balik...

sekejap2 i asyik tanye ibu, "bu muka pu3 okay? pu3 senyum masih samer tak?" haha
mane taknyer, i cant even talk properly seyh... ahaha
i cant prounounced the letter S betol2.. pffttt!!
okay2, enough with your numb-ness eh pu3.. hehehe

then i called my friend UMIE..
rumah dier banyak pokok mangga..
so i said, i want to beli buah mangga from her.. heheh
yeah, later pu3 gy rumah dier ambik buah mangga.. yupss.. cecah sambal belacan weh.. fuyyooooo! takleh angkatssssss!!!! :D
oh yeah, td i called LOVE's house..
ithoughtitwaskakak: hello
ME: hello, abang ader?
istillthoughtitwaskakak: huh?
ME: abang ader kat rumah tak?
ihaventchangedmymindcozireallythoughtitwaskakak: putri ey? ni umi lah..
ME: eh umi ker? haha ingat kn kakak abeh suare mude..
UMI:HAHHAHAHA ni durian punye pasal uh ni..

hahaah serious punya bebual, mati2 pu3 ingat kakak..
sian umi, get well soon yeah :)
umi said LOVE masih tido.. so LOVE's mummy said later she'll ask abang to call me back..

and yeah just talked to LOVE...hee thanks for calling baby..
go makan banyak2 okay sayang.. :)

eyh peeps, i havent eat the whole day tau..
i stop now eh..
coz i cant concentrate blogging if my perut kosong..
*alasan eyh padehal dh malas* hahahahahah


putri ;) xoxo

Monday, 22 June 2009

i love my beautiful ordinary life with you :)

Assalamualaikum :))

hi putri's back! haha

spent my weekends with LOVE *smiles widely*
heeee i loveeee.... ;))))

the day we arrived, LOVE & his parents picked us up...
then had dinner.. i ate nasi lemak..
LOVE tak makan coz lagy takde selera since he's not that well..
but in the end lapar jugak, hahaha tp makanan sume dh habis.. hehehe
sian dier... so he only ratah the fried clam.. hehehe
i bought 10cans for LOVE.. cos dier sukee sangat dgn tu clam :)
then they all went home...
had my beauty sleep...Zzzzz... heee

the next day, LOVE got 'work'... hehehe
thankythanks to LALA cos sudi jadi our tourguide.. hahaha
dh lamer tau tak naik tu MRT..
as far as i remember, the last time i naik tu train was in 2005 2006 gitu uh..
went to watch LOVE lagy keje.. hahah keje kerrr? ;p
we left the show quite early coz LOVE's parents kene go to JB to fetch the twins..
so yeah.. LOVE stayed with us..
so we went out for shoppin and makan kat our fave place...
LALA pun joined us sekali.. :)
but LALA left early cos dier kene pergy tengok MAMAT EXIST punye show... hahaha
mcm terpakse gitu eh lala.. hahaha

the best part maser LOVE lagy shoppin beli jeans...
before beli jeans tu LOVE beli T-shirt...
then maser LOVE nak try the baju either boleh match dgn tu jeans kan, so we asked the helper of the kedai to iron the T-shirt.. haha
but u know aper tu chinese lady said?

LADY: u want this shirt to be ONION? *dgn muke yg sungguh confident*
ME: yeah, IRON kn ey..*saying it out loud padehal dlm hati ketawe2*

HAHAHAHA how cute!
she was like so paiseh uh.. hhahaa

then after dh penat jalan2 the whole day,
then we all balik...
then yeahh...
keesokan harinyerr... hahahaha *lame*
LOVE came early in the morning to see me.. :)
he brought BREAKFAST for me and ibu...sweet uh dier.. thanks yang..
then tgh hari sikit, adek called me suruh get ready nak keluar..
biler dh siap2, uncle and twins fetched us then makan thosai.. hahaha
sedap woii... :D
fyi, kat BRUNEI thosai spellingnyer DOSAI.. ahaha

and me always terkene dgn uncle..
UNCLE: pu3 nak makan aper?
ME: my tummny not well uh uncle, pu3 minum je lah...ermm, pu3 nak TEH O uncle..
UNCLE: okay, teh o uncle satu!

haha saje jer uncle, sampai tu mamak kasi muker 'TEH O UNCLE-TAK ADA-JUAL-DI SINI-TERIMA KASIH'.. ;p
after makan, went to watch LOVE 'keje'.. hahaha
great performance honey! wah dier dance seyhh... hahaha
siap ader taeyang punyer steps lagy! hhehehe
and ouh, sayang.. cantek rantai? hehehe muker saper tu..? gmbr mateair ek?*winks* hee
met BABA & AKI..
thanks for the acar baba.. sedap sesangat! :D
after the show, went to East Coast... makan durian& rambutan ramai2.. YUMMEYHHH!!
kenyang woii makan durian banyak2 :D

yg best nyer dekat East Coast tu ME & LOVE duduk dekat the same spot where both of us duduk maser kitorang first jumper dulu..hehehe
awwwww..... now i started to miss you again yang..
then after that, its time for me to go back HOME uh... huhuhu sedeyhh... :'(

so jyeahhh... im home now! :)

baby thanks for the call tadi LOVE... XOXO!!

today, me and my couzzies KILLBILL & HANIF mengerjakan my little cousins... hahaha
nanti i'll post the photos eyh sebenarnye ape yg kitorang buat to my cousins yg lain tu.. hahahaha


Thursday, 18 June 2009

happy birthday ka bellah! sayang, uknowiknowwebothknow! ahaks!


hello readers :)!!

sorry laa lamer tak update..
just belum ader mood nak blog... hehehehe
but now dh ader sikit rajin uh.. ahaks! ;P

Last 14thJune, pu3 performed for Karnival RTB at Tutong..
the crowd best gylerr!
orang2 Tutong memang sporting berabisss! i loiiikeee~~ :D hee

so, THANKS A MILLION Nasional FM for inviting me.. :))

here are some pics mase kat Tutong yg pu3 grabbed from one of my fans punyer blog.. heee...

these are piccas yg kene tagged kat my FB..

thanks guys for the photos! :D

then the next day.. 15th June..
errrmmm.. pu3 tak buat pape.. just stayed at home..
watching DVD the whole day... hee
watched BOYS OVER FLOWER with cousins..

lawa ceritanya kamu... hahaha i know i am so ketinggalan ayte? hahaha
i just got my free time wah eh! ;p
anyhoos, thanks to my dearest gurlfie UMIE for lending me the DVD.. ehehe

lepas tu.. 16&17th june, i spent my day time with my cuzies..
killbill(qylah & bilah) and also Hanif, tidur here.. so yeahh :)
then 7.30pm onwards, had my dancepractise at RTB Sg.Akar..
its for Phuturephase Family Raya Musical Drama.. ehehe siok2! :D
tp all my muscles sakit2 yaw! huhuhu

oh today's 18thJune ryte?
its one of my bestgirlfriend's birthday...

isnt she HAWT?
hee love you KA BELLAH!
though im older than her but i love to call her KAKA.. haha
dari dulu udah ah bellah.. hehehehe
have a blast in KL yeah babe.. :)

tonight will be having another dancepractise... yeheee!
putri suka! ;D

okay now, im gonna watch UPIK ABU&LAURA :)
so i'll end here alright...

P/S: its tomorrow BABYLOVE!! *winks* putriHEARTSyouh!

putri ;) xoxo

Saturday, 13 June 2009

KARNIVAL RTB.. datang jgn tak datang :D

Assalamualaikum :)

hello earthlings...

okay, today's post is gonna be a short one coz i dont really know what to blog about actually.. HAHA

but i've something to share with y'all..
especially TUTONG PEOPLE!! :DD

i'll be performing live tomorrow,14thJUNE09 at HUA HO PETANI MALL TUTONG, at 1pm for KARNIVAL RTB :))i really hope to see you guys there ayte!
datang ramai2 meriahkan lagy suasana di KARNIVAL RTB okayyy.. hehehehe

errmmm... what else???

HAH! TAK TAWU! hehehehehe
i think thats it for now.... :)

anyways, LOVE...
a week to go baby! *winks*
sayang youh many2! hahaha

Friday, 12 June 2009

i love you cinta!

its 12th day of the month.. ;D

im gonna post a LOVE poem for my one and only.. :)

i found it sweet though.. heee


Author: Sheryl

I love you more than words could ever say,
I feel it growing in my heart each and every day,
All this love I feel
Has never felt so real
You give me something no one has ever given me,
It's something you cannot see
Love so strong, and so true
It makes me think of only you
This wonderful feeling you have given me
Makes me want to be with you endlessly

I want to be in your arms
To feel your warm embrace
It makes me feel so safe from harm
Plus, I love to touch your face
I love to look into your eyes
To look through your disguise
To feel your warm hands within mine
As our fingers gently become entwined

Your kisses so soft and sweet
It makes me crave a thousand more
I wonder how your heart keeps a steady beat,
Because mine just soars

I love the way you let me know
How much you love me so
I love how much you care
The love you show to me is beyond compare,
I love the way you smile
That compliments your sexy style
My eyes are kept on you all the while

I love to hear you say "okay"
You say it at least once a day
I love the way you apologize
Because it always makes me realize
That what you did, was done unintentionally,
And that you still love me
Even though I'm strange
You don't want me to change
You say that I'm just right
Especially when we're about to fight

I hate to see you mad
I hate to see you sad
It makes me feel so bad
What you feel, I feel
That's because our love is real
I hate to see you cry
To always have to wonder why?
I'm sorry I sometimes do the things I do
That always make you feel blue
I'm sorry if I hurt you so
My anger is sometimes hard to control

I don't like when you feel insecure
Don't worry so much, because I'm sure
That no one can ever take your place
Because I love not only your beautiful face,
I also love the real you inside
There's no way I could have let you pass me by

Don't worry you're the only one for me
You, and I, and everyone else can see
I love you with all my heart
No one could ever make us

i always love you..

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

pictures.. during simfoni tanahair 2009 :)

okay, imma let the piccas do the talking aye.. :D

from left to right: Sham, Asde, ME, Qeez, DJ Aliff, Dayat & AJ.

with Saiful.

the PHUTUREPHASE family :D

tu pu3 otw nak tukar baju.. haha nak balik!

that was ME doing the so-called-lambaian-Dato CT Nurhaliza.. hehehehhe :P

with RYN.

we are the HAPPY people! ;))

with DAIA.

ni Charlie's Angels ke aperr Angels ey? hehehe :P

the 3 of US, again! hehe

e eh! diorang ni lagy ek!

supermodel ke? heee ;p

Sham, Qeez, Dayat, Pu3,AJ, Asde, Aliff & Adeb :)

Adeb, Aliff & Fakhrulrazi.. oh, and ME! :DD

putri norizah ;)

me, my composer ROSMAN MASRI and my beautiful DANCERS :)

Rosman Masri & Putri Norizah..

sesungguhnye gambar ini tidak ku perlukan kerane lelaki ini hanya menyebok di dalam gambar ini.. tetapi, oleh kerane diriku nampak suwiiit(sweet;p) disitu. jadi aku pun merelakan gambar ani d post. ;p HAHAHA *gerenti DJ Alip mental ni membaca* wahahahaha!

yaye-ness! :D


credits to RYN, DAIA & DJ ALIFF :)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Alhamdulillah ;D

Assalamualaikum :)

rindu kiter tak? Hehehe
kiter lagy rindu kat kamu semua :D

i have a good news to share with all of u..
Alhamdulillah murah rezeki Phuturephasers pada malam pertandingan akhir SIMFONI TANAHAIR 2009 baru2 ni :D

pertandingan di bahagikan kepada 2 kategori iaitu kategori POP CONTEMPORARY
& kategori POP TRADISI..
Ada 5 penyertaan bagi setiap kategori..

tahniah untuk pemenang2 kategori pop contemporary.. Weheee..

FAKHRULRAZI with his AMAZING composition entitled DAMBA, and AMAZING choreography and AMAZING vocal and also AMAZING makeup :D jadi CHAMPION for kategori POP TRADISI.. Hehehe
and and Razi menang PERSEMBAHAN TERBAIK malam tu..
Rugi siape yg tak tengok his performance..
He's just AMAZING :D

lagu yang pu3 persembahkan malam tu ciptaan ROSMAN MASRI menang tempat KEDUA :D yeebaa!
Tajuk lagu INGAT BERINGAT.. Hee
lirik lagu ni jugak terpilih sebagai LIRIK TERBAIK pada malam tu.. Hoho

bangga Phuturephase oleh kamu :D

dan Alhamdulillah, pu3 pula menang VOKAL TERBAIK pada malam tu.. Ehe
betol2 tak sangke sebab 10peserta semua bagus2..
Tp Alhamdulillah, rezeki.. :)

yg bestnye pertandingan SIMFONI TANAHAIR ni, semua peserta pulang bukan dengan tangan yang kosong..

bagi kategori Pop Contemporary
tempat pertama : BND$5,000
tempat kedua : BND$3,000
tempat ketiga : BND$2,000
sagu hati : BND$1,500

kategori Pop Tradisi pula
tempat pertama : BND$6,000
tempat kedua : BND$5,000
tempat ketiga : BND$4,000
sagu hati : BND$1,500

bagi kategori tambahan
Lirik terbaik : BND$1,000
Vokal terbaik : BND$1,000
Persembahan terbaik : BND$1,000

memang best malam tu, everybody's happy.. :D
semua penat lelah memang berbaloi.. Hehehe
so BIG THANKS to pihak RTB, dancers, backup singers, audiences yg datang.. :D

anyways, how're you guys doing?
Lately, im so missing my girlfriends MIA and MIRA..
Bh babe, outing! Soon! :D

tadi petang, i went out with ibu pegi MASZALINA BOUTIQUE, thanks for sponsoring :)
not forgetting Aunty Shamsiah of SNS BOUTIQUE & VERDE EMPIRE :)

lepas hantar baju, we went makan kat LONDON KEBAB..
Love the LAMB DONER! Yummy!
Met MNC, buat magic tya lagy durang ah.. Hehe steady steady! :D

then LOVE called me..
Dier lagy siap2 nak pegi tengok kakak ader singing competition..
So all the best to you kakak! :)

after makan tu kitorang terus balik..
Penat tak hilang lagy..
Ni ibu dah tido dah..
And im watching tv right now..
POSEIDON's showing..
Scary uh ni movie.. Huhu

so peeps, nanti pu3 blog lg k..
I nak concentrate watch tv ni.. Hehehehe

putri ;) xoxo

Monday, 1 June 2009

I LOVE YOU IBU! ;D oh, happy 48th anni ABDB! :D

Its 1.10am, and i feel like blogging :)

Hi dearEarthlings!

pu3 baru tejage sebenarnye tadi i fell asleep while watching TeeVee..
My body sakit2, im not that well..
These nights kan, pu3 susah nak tido uh..
Insomnia gitu ek.. Huhu
took Fedac (ubat selsema) earlier, thats why tertido! *THANK GOD! :D*
but now dah terjage! Aiyaak.. Manyak susah wo ini mater!
pfftt -.-'

lets talk bout, urmm..
The day before yesterday..
Remember, i've told u i went out with cousins and aunt..
Well apparently, my mom tak ikut sekali coz ibu keje..
So nenek ikut kitorang sekali :D

and and Me and my cousins KILL BILL *Haha sounds scary huh? :p*
Qilah & Bilah, i mean :)
kitorang punye lah pandai, orang tuer gy shopping, kitorang gy tengok wayang! :D
we watched SYURGA CINTA! Hohoho :DD
2thumbs up to the movie! *eh mcm concert taeyang pulak kan LOVE?:P*
salute ah kat Awal, dier nanges bukan main pandai! Huhu
orang pon ikut sedih dan insaf tengok.. Hehe
heliza, well done.. Tp dier nanges macam.. Idk eh! Hehe no comment :p
but that lil boy Haziq, he's so cute and clever..
I wanna have adek like him can or not? Haha
i loikee ~ :p

My boy, LOVE dah cute and clever already..
No need adek kan kan kan? :p
i love you sayang :D

talked to him that night, and he was like..
LOVE: yaaaang, my hidung saket~ *he sounds like, idk, very cute uh, mcm salah intonation gitu hehe*
and i was like..
ME: uh what honey?
And he answered..
hahaha see i told you that my boy is really cute..
Thats how he pronounced SELSEMA! :D
dulu i always asked him this question,
ME: love, do u have any idea how cute u are?
And he always answered me this,
LOVE: entah! Umm-umph.. I aner ader cute, i handsome (giler) je.. Hahaha

yang word in bracket tu yang mahal eh. Haha
cute youh! :D muah!

LOVE turned in early that night coz esoknyer tu LOVE lagy ader keje + he got seme2 so kene jage kesihatan.. Hee

the next day, which was yesterday..
Woke up at urr-i-dont-really-remember.. Haha
then, go jalan with ibu..
Oh yeah, went to Rudy's kedai Muchdieni to find some stuffs..
Had lunch at DE TYMEZ Kiulap..
Thanks to kaka hajah for the treats :D
after that, me and ibu jalan2 kat Shop @ Sarah's..
And i got myself a Victoria's Secret Totebag and also a lip plumper! Muahahaha :D

then singgah Ardly Design, alter my baju..

oh, btw ibu bought me a GUESS watch! :D
she said, "ni hadiah ibu coz pu3 dpt masuk final Worldstars"
haha random kan ibu, but anyhoos, THANKS A LOT bu, love ya! :D

LOVE texted me saying that he's waiting for his keje-time *winks* at 6pm..
And btw, i miss you most sayang..

and then, malam nyer..
At 8pm, had rehearsal at Orchestra RTB..

dan hari ini..

tadi, ibu woke me up at 9.30am..
Then went to cybercafe, ibu ader keje nak buat kat saner.. So yeah..
Smpai tengahari..
Then teros lunch kat area dekat2 tu jer..
Had LAMB CHOP w/rice & fries..
Fuh! Lazat :D

oh yea, chatted with LOVE's Mommy earlier..
She told me a good news bout LOVE..
Congratulation LOVE!
Im very proud of you..
Me, my family and your family doakan yang TERBAIK untuk you yang :D

okay and then, i went for SIMFONI rehearsal kat Orchestra RTB around nearly 3pm.. Finished at almost 5pm..
Then ibu bawak pegy Hua Ho Mall..
Ibu nak beli kasut..
She got herself 2 pairs of slippers from Charles & Keith.. :)
and ibu belikan me a pair of GOLD platform from SHOELOVERS..
Chantekk gylerr and im loving it much much! :D
thanks again ibu.. I love you very strong! Hehehehe

and after that balek..
My tummy's not well.. Huhu :(

so jyeaah.. Dh panjang dah kan..? Haha
okay then i better stop :)

eh wait i nak post something..
"jadilah seorang wanita yang berada di dalam gelas,
yang sukar disentuh,
hanya yang mampu sahaja dapat memilikinya.." -SYURGA CINTA :)

how lovely.. *smiles*

okay, im done here..
Take care..

putri ;) xoxo