Monday, 27 October 2008

ilovePURPLE today.... hahahahaha


how's life people? :)

well, mine is just fine..
but MY VOICE............. dont ask!!!
LOVE said i sound like IBU now.. haha

anyways, today went to the MALL with ibu...
bawak my cousins swimmin kat RIZQUN INTERNATIONAL HOTEL..
hahaha i jealous seyhh tengok orang mandi-manda...
huhuhu diri dah tuerrrr... =( hahahahahaha

this is my littlest(cheyh.. kire paling kecik la kan)cousin..
ADAM.... kaka putri loves youh! ehe..

alrighty.... this is FITRI... in action! hahaha


DuSsHh!!! hahaha

now, FITRI and SYIQIN pulak.... 1,2,3... JUMP!!!!

arghhhhh... wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............!!!! ;O

hehehee... kesian ADAM....

weheeee......... tha happy family.. eh, OUT! haha

about 45 minutes la dorang berendam tadi... huhu
hari panas some more... but ME, still have time to pose huh.. ;p
*thinkin*"LOVE dh mandi ke belom ni ek?"hahaha
im the purple lady!! ;D

and ouh .... before balek tadi...
ibu belanje KFC at the Mall.. sedap hingga menjilat jari... *sings* :))

hehehe basically, today we jalan2 satu mall jek.. hahaha
well, actually semalam pon kat mall jugak..
ibu ader function...
so i went to spades laaa... heee.. beli some things for LOVE.. heee
then went to GIORDANO and EGO beli baju...
after that gi beli tudong uh.. dan macam-macam lagy.. HAHAHA
kes boring!! hehe
ouh yeahh....
yesterday i had my breakfast kat RIZQUN COFFEE HOUSE.. =)
and i ordered the MUSHROOM SOUP.. niceeee... :D

so tu je lahh kan....
now, i gotta go lahh..
its time to take all my ubat.. :)

loadsa hugss!!

putri ;) xoxo

Saturday, 25 October 2008

special edition. hahaha wth!

im having fever ahhhhh..... seriously, rabak nyerhhh.. :(

no mood to blog uhh..

so i just post my pics edited by MIKEGLAMOUR.. hahahaha
thanks buddy! lawa u edit ah.. :)) AHAXX

mat salleh pon sebok nak tengok gambar kiter.. hehehe... :P

ni entah plaza maner la ni kan? HAHA

im watchin youh... hahax

jangan jealous.. Paris Hilton pon minat Putri Norizah tao.. xp

wall of fame! ;D

putri ;) xoxo

Friday, 24 October 2008

Lonelyloner.. Whateva..

My sorethroat and this flu is killin me..
And i dont know why im not really in the mood la...
so im not gonna talk much uh..
Coz talk lama2 ni can be BORING kan so yeaah..........
lagipun bukan sume orang suke kiter cakap lamer2 right..
Sighhhhh... Im so lonely uh tonight..
why am i havin this kinda feelin huh? Padahal i've got everything dh..
i've my fam, my friends, him, almost everything..
God knows how much i hate this feelin.. Sigh...

dh la.. Im outttt....
Sleep well people..

Thursday, 23 October 2008

sorethroat.... :(

im so tired uh today..
tadi at 2pm ader exams, COMMERCE PAPER 1..
quite easy lahh.. :)

so yeah.. then tadi around 8pm RTB crews from NEWS SECTION
datang my house.. did some interviews.. and yeah... :))

sorry gambar tak terang sangat uhh..
ni using my phone cam..
ibu's digital cam pulak battery dah kong! huh..
so yeah..

and Today is BEBEH's birthday! he's my foster brother...
hari ni dier dah tue! hahaha
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY beh.. :)
hope u'll succeed with everything u do...
and and, ur acting career.. :P

hari ni birthday bebeh celebrate kat my house jerr..
tak sanggup nak klua lagy uhh.. me very the penat!
SHAM, my other foster brother came a bit late coz dier ader recording kat RTB tadi.
oh sorry... lupe nak ambik gambar sham uhh... heeeee
sorry sham, banyak udh gambarmu, lain kali tah saja.. HAHA!

and oh, i wanna say THANKS to LY for the gift...
so thoughtful of you...

hand made lagy.. :) THANKS A LOT LY.... God Bless! :)

okay la..
im off to bed now..
my throat saket uhhh... :(

putri ;) xoxo

all the people that i miss.. :)

Good morning earthlingss!!

ahhhhhhhhhh.. :))) it feels good to be back home... heeee..
kat sini baru dapat tido puas2.. hahaha
but, I LOVE VIETNAM a lot.. :)
im missing all the nice people there.. Nhi, Ly, Anh, Nathan... :(
and oh yesterday morning, LOVE called in early..
and semalam pon we talked lagii.. heeee
mase kat Vietnam hari tu, we talked on the phone kejap2 je..
coz i was so busy... :(
but we did talk to each other everyday.. :))
so lastnight, lepas rindu.. hahaha
cakap lama2.. hahaha

and and currently, this is my favourite song by WILL YOUNG.. :)

"Love Is A Matter Of Distance"
Love is a matter of difference
Between you and me
Love is a matter of distance
That you are too far away

Love is a matter of growing
And knowing true feelings
Love is a matter of showing
That you are so far away

When my heart is open
My mind is opening to find
I can't let you stay
The love is a matter of difference
You are too far away

Love is a matter of input,
Outlook, deep inside
Love is to know you're on my side
That you are so far away

[Chorus x2]

If love is a matter of distance
You are too far away

putri ;) xoxo

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

my last day in HO CHI MINH CITY.... :(

hey.. i just came back from HTV STATION...
so very the penat siakk..
errmmm... i'll just post my photos of tonight's show yeahh.. :)

this was my outfit for the SOCIAL CULTURAL EXCHANGE NIGHT tadi...

with the guest singers from CHINA..

from LAOS..

PIMNARA(14yearsold) from THAILAND..

with NHI.. :)

with NINH..

guest artistes from BULGARIA..

we're singing ASEAN-VIETNAM, the theme song of the festival..

we're enjoying our night.. ;D

with MR.DAM.. one of the famous singer in Vietnam.. :)

with the emcee, QUYNH HUONG..

putri ;) xoxo

Monday, 20 October 2008

Bronze for Brunei.. ;)


i wanna share this HAPPY NEWS with all of you.. =)

i won BRONZE MEDAL for folk song category... yipeeeee... :D
i received USD500 cash, a mobile phone MOTOROLLA Z6, a certificate a trophy and a souvenir.. :D

well, its not really a medal.. its a trophy actually.. but they called it BRONZE MEDAL.. :/ haha but Alhamdulillah, rezeki... :)
walaupun pop song category bukan our rezki,
but dh jadi wakil Brunei je dh such a great honour! =)

A BIG THANKS to RTB, especially ka HELEN THU & uncle HJ.MURNI(our coordinator)..
HANS ANWAR, IBU,AYAH, Aunty HART, FAIZ NAWI, family & friends for all the great support..
and not forgetting, HTV,Voice Of Vietnam(radio), Cattiensa team...
u guys are the GREATEST! :D
and and, to NHI and LY.. thanks for ur assistance... love u guys a lot!!
and to kawan2 baru, EDO&DIO from INDONESIA... kamu sih lucu!! haha

DIA FADILA&REY from MALAYSIA... congrats! menang besar u guys ye! hehe

HONG JU from Korea, panggawoyo onni! ;)

NYKO from the PHILIPPINES.. u're the bomb baby!

MINH QUAN from VIETNAM itself, love ur voice man...

NATHAN from VIETNAM also... u're such a sarcastic translator!! HAHA..

and to all the participants of ASEAN GOLDEN MELODIES FESTIVAL 2008..

so now, more PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS!! x)this is my baju during POP CONTEMPORARY CATEGORY.. by ARTLY DESIGN :)


mother & daughter :)

with Aunty Hart :)

opening of AWARDS NIGHT..


orkid laa.. ;p

waiting for the results to be announced...

me and Edo received the bronze medal.. :)

the happy faces :D


dah nak balik niii.. kiter minum dulu! ahaha..

apanya apanya faiz ahhh.. ;P

interviewed by BOYD of DAILY EXPRESS..

me & Ly.. our LIAISON OFFICER..

that lil gurl that i was holding has a same name as me.. PUTRI.. :)

was talking to AYAH ;)