Tuesday, 27 October 2009

you're my heart, heart, HEARTBREAKER! ;D


hi earthlings! :D

lastnight had my dancepractise with my dancers :)
siok lahhh.. hehe apakan..
tonight also got dancepractise :D

oh yeahh talking but this Anugerah Pelangi ani, yesterday had a short-live-interview with DJ ALIFF.. hahhaha
time atu pu3 di college wah tuu.. :)
yatah cali...
HAHAHA apakan si putri ahh..
bh enough bout that..

y'know what?
i've been reading my previous2 posts and comments from the people..
i just realised ader some comments yang pu3 TER-lupa nak reply..
Im very very sorry bout that yeahh to those yg rasenyer pu3 belom reply comment2 nyerr..

to SITI NADZIRAH, thanks for droppin by kat blog pu3 ni..
yeahh, it was nice meeting all of you haritu :))
awak jaga diri ye :)

and to KAK LILY, im not sure if u're reading this or not,
heyy how've you been? i miss you giving me comments knowww :))
hope you are doing well..

and to CT_LOVE, thanks for all the comments..
my designer is ARDLY from ARTLY DESIGN :D
nice knowing you Ct :)

see the picture kat atas sekali tu?
That's G-DRAGON :D
been listening to his new songs berape hari nii.. addicted tuhh!
damnnn... He makes me go OoLAla! :D
and look at gambar kat atas tu and compare with gambar2 kat bawah ni okay?
now this is the NEW him :D

well, the new GD is more likely to be the MALE VERSION of Lady Gaga lahh i think..
*okkaay.. i mentioned that in my FB* lols! :P
but idk ehh.. i still love him though :D haha

i'll post his MV here and let me know what do you think of him kay? ;)

p/s: LOVE, look at GD's moves.. ada macam u sikit :P kan GD ikut you :P hehehe iloveyoubabyboo :D

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Barracudas :)


yesterday, went to the mall to buy something with ibu..
then had lunch at WEST STREET..
tejumpa c MILIN & B'REN !!! :DD
hahaha suka suka suka :DD
Milin will be leaving for JAPAN this 27th..
sayonara my friend ,2 months mahnn :(
see you bila you balik nanti k.. hehehe

thats MILIN

Milin, Me, B'ren & Ibu

then after Lunch, i got soundcheck kat Indoor stadium.. haha

yay! go barracudas!

this is Hj.Fawzie, thanks for inviting us :)


LOL! thats Me & Faizul..

oh yeahh, lets post the pictures during the night pulang aaah! :)

well BARRACUDAS was defeated by the SINGAPORE SLINGERS with 82-80..
huhu sayang ehhh....
but the match was AWESOME!
seriously! rugi C Faizul balik awal :P
takpe masih Preliminary Round.. hehehe
so yeahh... :)

okayy all of the above pictures were taken BEFORE the game started.. so yeahh :P

oh yeahh!

i found this.. she's so CUTE and PRETTY! :D


LOVE called just now.. thanks sayang.. I miss you more..... and i love you so much.. as always..

chatted with my aunt from Negri Sembilan.. she told me that one of my cousins masuk hospital coz dier jatuh dari loteng rumah.. heard that his pinggang cedera.. hopefully everything will be fine with him.. ASYRAN is just 12years old.. pity him... :( biler dengar ni sakit2 satu badan pu3..

okay, im off to sleep now.. esok got class.. sheeesh! huhu

Friday, 23 October 2009

we had joy, we had fun :)

heyhey.. you guys realised tak... the first picture kat my previous post?
the Cat actually SMILED! kankankan?? hahaha
Assalamualaikum :)

apa khabar? saya sehat Alhamdulillah :))
today Friday...so no class.. :D

Aunty Suzanne belanje makan today.. like YAY!
nasi lemak singapore tuu babe! :DD fulamak... i cant resist the sambal goreng!
and MAMA DAIA's tomyam..... :DD sedap nak mampos! hoho
mostly yg datang tadi SINGAPOREANS lah :)

hahaha like mule2 ME & Bro ALIFF konon bising2 nak diet..
last last, MAKAN JUGAAAAAAKKKK....! :P

well, im actually pretty exhausted uh today tp best jugak...

i'll have some photos uploaded..ni sumer yg i took tadi..
so.. ini dia! :D

Puan Norizah & Ms. Norizah.. hahaha nama sama :p
wesehhh... tengok saya pose itu ;p

wah merah mak ngaaaaah.... ;p

Aunty Suzanne (R) with the gang! :))

adeb with friends.. and baju purple atu baby.. :)

nyaman makan ibu :)

dan kami berjaya mengerjakan lelaki ini.. dgn headband yg cute itu! hahaha pretty mama ehh! next top supermodels :P
the happy us!

muker takleh angkat :P

baby, pu3, abg aleep
ada kisah disebalik gambar ini :P ada 3org sebenarnye yg senyum tp cume 2org ajer yg nampak! :P dan yg tak nampak tu ialah seorang lelaki yg bernama abg aleep! HAHAHA
madu tiga! LOL :P
keluarga bahagia :D
keluarga harmoni.. haha

lovely sisters :D
ibu kena candid!
kami makan tomyam nii :D
ziez P2F was there :)
hahah candid lagi!

senyum sokmo! :P
saya dan baby :))
heee :)
org baju biru tu curhat, dan 2 pendengarnya ini pun stress! ;p

alum habis wah ceritanya ahh :P
if y'all realised, me & baby mcm tunduk kn? coz kami sebenarnya mengelak dari kena cahaya matahari! hahaha

thanks to ADEK & BABY for the piccas :D

atu wahhh... ANUGERAH PELANGI tinggal seminggu je lagii..
huwaaaa... kiter nervous seyhh.. heeee...

bahbah.. to those B.MOBILE users, dont forget to VOTE FOR ME for
easyy.... just type VOTE10 and send it to 99914...
thank you peeps! :) i love y'all! :)

oh anyways, tomorrow i'll be performing for the
c'mon Bruneians! support our own team..
GO BARRACUDAS!!! :D hoho..

bh i need some sleep, seriously..