Tuesday, 30 September 2008

KL, here i come....... HAHAHA

Happy TUESDAY everybody! :)

semalam tak sempat nak blog..
Went out for sungkai (buke puase) at EXCAPADE..
its my fave japanese restaurant.. Hehehe
*siasiapun* haha
then balek rumah terus packing everything..
After that me and ibu very the busy potong kek raye! :D

ihsan was on air lastnight..
He spinned me my fave song by WALI band, ORANG BILANG :)
then slept around 2am.. Huhuhu
my eyebags gettin terok siakk..
Then love called at 3am.
Turned in balek at 4am...

this morning... At 7am tadi..
My phone beeped lagy..
It was LOVE again.. Hehe
he called just to nyanyi for me..
Though suare orang bangon tido, but i still love it! Hehe
SWEET uh you love.... :)
he sang ALWAYS BE MY BABY david cook's version..
Siap main guitar lagy pagi2 bute! Hahaha
thank you love! I lap youh many2! :p

and ouh today is my cousin's birthday..
i'll find somethin for you in KL kayh.. Hehe
and study hard for your PMB yaww!
Bukannya kn chatting saja.. Haha
bh2, love you cuzzy! :D

and ouh, i'll be flying off to KL tonight.. Yay!!! :D
celebrate raya kat Kampong! Yeebaa!! Hahaha
so im wishing all muslimin and muslimat out there,

and and, jangan lupe..
I want DUIT RAYA!! :p
hahaha im kiddin..

so i'll end here..

ummmm.. I'll try my best to update my blog while pu3 kat KL nanti k..
Coz i know i'll be very busy collecting duit raye and stuffs...
Eh! Ter-over sudah! HAHA

take care people..

putri ;) xoxo

Sunday, 28 September 2008

3days with you... *winks*

Hiyee folks!! :D
waduh... Udah lama enggak ketemu yah! Haha wth?

i was quite busy la these few days... Heee
but i had fun though goin thru my busy times.. :p *coughcough!* HAHA

okay okay... Let me start from 26th Sep punye cerite... Hehe
at 11pm, went to the airport...
Buat apeeee???
buat bodoh... Haha NO LAH!
pu3 gi ambik SKY and his mother.. :)

SKY pakai baju baru siaahhh... Hehe very good disguise gitu kn.. With cap and big shades..
Then he was complaining that he had a very terrible headache kat dlm flight tu..
Kesian dier... He wasnt even that well too... But yet still come and visit his girlfie... Huhu
so, get well soon yeah SKY.. :)

then the next day, we went to some places la.. Hehehe
went to artly, muchdieni, the mall gadong (adeb's booth) haha
SKY shopping sakan kat Ego Men and I-Top..
And ouh yeah, SKY sekarang tengah IN LOVE with ED HARDY.. Ahaks! ;p right3??

then after all the blablabla,
waktu berbuke puase pon sudah tibe... Haha cheyh! Bebual mcm paham.. =p
ihsan and rudy joined us.. ;)
after makan, me and SKY went to SPADES..
seriously, i know NOTHING about all the things yg SKY bebual dgn that chineseguy kat spades tu.. HAHA
because I AINT A MAGICIAN yaw!! ;p
then bawak SKY jumpe nenek and konco2nye.. Haha
after that, pegi phuturephase studio... Buat cover song! ;)
*hush2!* haha
*sings* haaaa.. My mind... Heart... To me.. *giggles* HAHAHA
ouh, not my part eyh?
Surry surry.. Hahaha :p

and TODAY.....
I woke up before 9am..
Met SKY at 10plus.. :D
then we went to this one tempat, no need to mention lah kan.. Hehe
lepas tu gi Empire Hotel, makan angin.. HAHA
banyakla kau punye makan angin putri.. PUASE OIII!!! =p
jalan2 for half an hour plus gitu then terus pegi jumpe Hans kejap ambik CD.. :)
after that we all balek hotel uh...
Hari ni my kepale sakit gyler siakk.. Dont know why la.. Maybe tido tak tentu la kan but its okay, i still look good though.... haha ape je! *masuk lift picit sendiri :p *

and ouhh SKY balek hari ni.. :(
flight dier around 6pm so we reached airport before 5pm tadi..
before SKY departed tadi, we( me, SKY, bebeh, sham & ihsan) maen soal2 all the merepeks questions.. HAHA
we were laughing our heart loud!
Eyh ter-over sudah .. Hehehe

SKY called me just now..
He has arrived safely in his homeland.... Alhamdulillah :)
glad to hear that :)

adoiii.. My wholebody sakit2 seyh ni ari... Nak demam kot.. Sob sob..
My kaki pon rase mcm nak patah...
mane taknye, pakai heels for 3days beturut2...
*im wearing it for some good reasons ey*
:p i think God can explain.. Hee

so people, i guess i need some rest now..

oh oh yea yeahh, i know..
Y'all have been wonderin who SKY is, righhhhtttt?? Hahaha
nahh.. ini dierrr, SKY.... punye kaki! HAHAA

i gotta go now!

putri ;) xoxo

Friday, 26 September 2008

Lyrics of 24HOURS..

As requested by Brotherr Sufri :)

I wake up to the morning light
i see your face in my mind
its drivin' me crazy
oh.. So crazy

i look up to the morning sky
i see your smile in my mind
am i crazy?
Oh.. So crazy

coz its like 24hours
only you in my mind
and its like 24hours
only you in my heart
and it is 24hours
tell me, what is happening to me?

i called your name in the middle of the night
i cant sleep just thinking about you
now, is that crazy?
Oh.. So crazy

i turned on my PC
and there again, your face i see
now this is crazy
oh.. So crazy

maybe im in love with you
i dont know
coz all i think is you
but one thing thats for sure
all i know, you're in my mind
24 hours..
Oh.. 24, 24 hours..
Tell me, what is happening to me?

Composer (song&lyrics) : HANS ANUAR
Music Arrangement : HANS ANUAR
Original Artistes : PUTRI NORIZAH feat. HANS ANUAR

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Feelin betta! :)

Hello people!! =D

how're y'all feelin today? Hee

these 2 days i got bad flu uh.. Thats why i didnt blog yesterday..huhu
now i feel better a bit la.. :)
dan ader siket rajin uh.. Haha

so yeah, yesterday...
i was really sick ah semalam!

and today, in the mornin tadi i spent my time revising for the exam.. Sampai petang..
Then cousins Qilah and Bilah came, so we lepak2 kat dapor!
then petang, around 5.50 i went to my neighbour's house ader majlis tahlil and bebuke kat sane terus uh..
the daging rendang was YUMMY! :D
*SIASIAPUN* hehehe
then balek rumah change my baju then i went to saloon..
I got my new haircut! Haha
though orang tak nampak my hair but to me HAIR IS VERY IMPORTANT tao..
Tu mesti nak kene jage.. Whee..

yea then ibu went to HAPPY STAR to buy some stuffs..
after that teros balek..

oh yeah, i told u i was sick kn yesterday..
Skali semalam, pu3 tido pakai sweater and socks..
Then something kat my socks tu caught my eyes tao..
Hahaha nak tau ape??

oh yea, SKY!! xD
I'll see you tomorrow yeah! :D
Muah! Haha

OK then, do take care yeah...

putri ;) xoxo

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Alright, here's the lyrics of THE REAL YOU (UNTUK SELAMANYA)
as requested by qayeemah.. :)

i want the real you, real you ada di hatiku
i want the real you, real you ada di sampingku
i want the real you, real you ada sentiasa
i want the real you
untuk selamanya...

pertama kali bertemu dgn dirimu
ada sesuatu yg memikat hatiku
hari demi hari rasa cinta bersatu
ingin selalu ku bersamamu

ku harap cita2 kn tercapai
berdua bersama kn membina mahligai
percayalah pada cinta kita berdua
dan hanya satu ingin ku pinta

i want the real you, real you ada di hatiku
i want the real you, real you ada di sampingku
i want the real you, real you ada sentiasa
i want the real you
untuk selamanya...

i want the real you di sampingku
i want the real you di hatiku
i want the real you sentiasa

i want the real you, real you ada di hatiku
i want the real you, real you ada di sampingku
i want the real you, real you ada sentiasa
i want the real you
untuk selamanya...

Composer (song&lyrics) : HANS ANUAR
Original Artiste : PUTRI NORIZAH
Music arrangement : HANS ANUAR

Happy Teacher's Day!


today's Teacher's Day uh :)
so im wishing all the teachers in Brunei a HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!! :D
thank you for everything and forever indebted! :)

anyways, lastnight pu3 tido awal lagy coz i was so damn tired like seriously rabak!
So at 10plus i dh msg him told him i wanna go to sleep so yeah he said goodnight and yadayadayada, then ZZZZZZzzzz..

at 2.55am, ibu woke me up coz she mintak temankan gi downstairs.. Hahaha
then at 3am i SMSed him and at the same time he called me..
Hehe same frequency uh baby.. ;) love you!

we talked about AMBUYAT la aper la.. Hahaha
then suddenly ade bunyi "INSUFFICIENT BALANCE.."
hahaha langsung putus the call..
So yeah, we msg2 je la then sleep...
And today i woke up a bit late uh.. Hee
then satu hari buat revision..

okay la, now i wanna go dapur and tengok ape bende nak buat..
Hahaha idk what to say lagy actually so i guess its BYEBYE!

putri ;) xoxo

Monday, 22 September 2008

Sleepy and busy.. Haha wth!

Annyeonghaseyo! :D hahaha

today i woke up early tao coz lastnight tido awal.. Hehe
but actually love called me around 6am so yeah we talked about 45mins then we off to bed balek..
then at exactly 8am, ASHRAFF RANNIL (the VIP dj! Hehe) called me and he was asking,
"hey pu3, so.. where you at now?"
and i was like "WHAT??!"
"this is too early for a photoshoot session ash.. I thought zaty (another dj) told ibu to come around 10am.."
and then ash was like "HUH??!, No la.. U guys are supposed to be here around 8am"
then we both confused seyh! Haha
then i said "later i call u back ash"

aper lagy, terus bangkit and my blanket pon main lempar sembarang jer.. Then i lari cari ibu downstairs..
she was about to go to clinic coz she wasnt well..
Then i Told her that ashraff just called
and suruh me to come sekarang jugak..
And ibu was like "eh! Awalnye?"
then ibu called Ashraff talk punye talk rupenye ade miscomm! Hahaha
ape laaaa...

then i went for make up at 9.30am..
All in all finished around 10ish gitu then teros gi JEN STUDIO...
Met ramai my artistes fellows there dh ready nak photoshoot nih.. Hehe
the photoshoot ade 2 sessions so yang datang for morning session tadi ade Maria, Juju, Bombay, Avantgarde band,
Adi Rani, Hatta & Azeem from Projectunes
and from Phuturephase, we have Hans Anwar, Faiz Nawi, Fairuzneezan and also ME! hahaha (nak jugak masok diri sendiri =p

then turn by turn la ambik gambar! :D while waiting for my turn, me and ashraff biase uhh.. GOSSIPING! Haha
astaghfirullahal'azim, Puase uh!
But it was fun though.. =p HAHA
ohhhh yea, tadi met RAZI (the pelangi fm Newbie)..
So, Hi2 to you! :)
oh back to the photoshoot thingy,
we were asked to pose like for the first round the cameraman will take 10shots..
Its individually tao..
So yeah, masing2 bikin POSE MAUT seyh! Haha
then 2 profileshots and another 10freestyleshots..
And and another best thing was...............
we were asked to POSE IN A BOX!
How cool was that! xD
so yeah, the photoshoot finished nearly at 1pm la..

after that i straight away went to phuturephase studio..
coz I've got something to do so yeah, balek rumah nearly 4pm..
I was so damnsleepy sampai tetido in the car... Huhu

then reached home teros gi washed up coz satu hari pakai stagemakeup! Heavy siaoo! Huhu
after finished wash up and all that, LOVE called in.. :)
we talked for half an hour then aku tarik selimut! Haha
TIDO!! ZzZzZzZz.... Hehehe
ibu woke me up at 6pm coz lagi few minutes je nak buke so yeah..

i think thats all for today la kan...
My fingers Penat typing nih...
So people, do take care OKAYH??
haha ader orang suke cakap gitu! Haha i wonder whooo?.... =p

okay laa.. I better get goin now..

putri ;) xoxo

Sunday, 21 September 2008

my one.. =)

here's another survey.. ;)

MY type of GUY..
> > Favorite Hair Color?
> > : → black.
> >
> > Do Like Long Or Short Hair?
> > : → not too short, not too long..
> >
> > Eye Color?
> > : → Dark Brown.
> >
> > Taller Or Shorter Than You?
> > : → taller than me.
> >
> > Older or Younger Than You?
> > : → err older than me? haha
> but to face the fact, he's actually A MONTH younger than me!xD
> >
> > Do You Like Your Guys To Wear Pink?
> > : → well, he loves pink! Hehe
> >
> > Lighter Skin Or Darker Skin?
> > : → dont judge people by their skin colour..
> >
> > Do You Like Pretty Boys Or Average Guys?
> > : → average will do.. Hee
> >
> > Hot Or Cute?
> > : → both.
> >
> > What If He Has A Super Stupid Name?
> > : → whatever! I'll still love him.
> >
> > Rich Or Average?
> > : → average.
> >
> > Lots Of Friends That Are Girls Or Guys?
> > : → both.
> >
> > What Would You Do If =
> >
> > He Sang Your Favorite Song To You, But He Sucked And Messed It Up?
> > : → its okay, the thought that counts right...? =)
> >
> > He Played Dumb Stupid Jokes On You All The Time?
> > : → i'd say "cant u pls stop that?"
> >
> > He Wrote A Song That You Thought Was About You, But Was About His Car?
> > : → hahaha dont u think thats cute??
> >
> > His Guy Friends Mean More To Him Than You?
> > : → urmm.. No comment eh.
> >
> > He Cheated On You?
> > : → dosa tanggung sendiri!
> >
> > He Always Wanted To Be Around His Friends And Your Just A Tag Along?
> > : → find other girl la you!
> >
> > He Started Speaking To You In A Different Language?
> > : → my bf used to speak korean language with me. Haha
> >
> > He Started Out Sweet But Then Turned Bitter?
> > : → there must be something wrong..
> >
> > A Little More About Him =
> >
> > Do You Like Your Guy To Stand Straight Or Slouch?
> > : → straight.
> >
> > Shy Guys Or Super Outgoing?
> >
> > Looks Or Personality?
> > : → PERSONALITY! then LOOKS. =)
> >
> > Do You Like Your Guy To Play Instruments?
> > : → yess
> >
> > Black Or Blonde Hair?
> > : → black please.
> >
> > Green Or Brown Eyes?
> > : → brown.
> >
> > Spiked Hair In Back Straight In Front Or Just Messy?
> > : → thats none of my business actually. Haha
> >
> > Tucks His Shirt In Or Just Lets It Hang Out?
> > : → depends.
> >
> > Looks Like His Mom Dressed Him Or Himself With His Own Style?
> > : → his own style.
> >
> > Make-up Or Not?
> > : → no comment on this one! =p



Happy Sunday everyone!! wheeee..... =)

sorry yesterday i didnt blog seh..
was very lazy uhh... hehehe

Ouh, yesterday i went to the airport sending off my aunty and cousins to Singapore.. they will be celebrating raya kat sana coz my uncle is working at the
BRUNEI EMBASSY in Singapore, so yeah..

then we ( me & ibu) break fasting kat luar..
the food there were SUPERDELICIOUS tao.. =D

then met ADEB at the mall, he was looking after his dad's booth..
so yeah, ibu asked adeb to join us during buke...
adeb makan kejap je with us then dier turun pegi jage booth balik.. hee

after buke, me and ibu jalan2 keliling mall and i found this cute shoes.. hehehe
ape lagy, BELI uh!! HAHA

yeah, then we went home cepat2..
takot miss the korean drama.. HAHAHAHA

i slept early tao lastnight.. tired habes seyh.... around 10plus je dh pengsan!
but then, at 12something my phone beeped..
it was LOVE.. =) yeah, we talked quite lama jugak ahhh...
mane taknyerr.. ade orang tu jadi RAPPER!!! ;D ahaks!

lepas tu tido lagy, and tak sahur... huhuhuhu

at 5something in the morning tadi my phone rang lagy..
LOVE, again.. hehehe
we were talking about this "FREAKING-CUTE" song..
we were laughing like nak tekeluar isi perot siakk... Hahaha
oh soorry TER- OVER pulak! =p
hahahhahaha takpe yang penting 'HIDUP MESTI OVER'! hahaha
right love?? =p

then nearly 7am we turned in and tido balek..
ibu woke me up at 10am..
i got shooting at 11.30am, so yeeeaaaahhhh...

went to REGAL BLUE STUDIO, met HJH.ZAIMAH (the producer) and 2 cameramen..
its about this programme called "EKSPRESI" which tells our local TV-watchers
about the local artistes' involvement in their careers and stuffs laa..

basically, itu je la my keje today..
p/s: the photo yg satu tu is a bit blurry.. hehe maklum.. ibu yg snap! =p
hari ni macam malas nak go out laa...
tonight nak kene tido awal lagy coz tomorrow got photoshoot at 10am..huhuhu

so i'll stop here lah..
take care y'all!

putri ;) xoxo

Friday, 19 September 2008

Otw home...

Hey readers! :D

im heading home from RTB ni..
Just finished recording the raya programme..

we had a great night la.. :D
not only singers involved but the comedians and pelakon also took part in the programme..

there were 3 teams altogether
the SINGERS (ME & faiz nawi) also known as the LEMANG group, the COMEDIANS (dang kasum & kudil) aka the KETUPAT and the PELAKON (hj yahya & pg.rokiah) aka the KELUPIS team..

so the quiz ada 3 rounds,
the 1st round, all the questions a bit susah coz its about our culture..
Huhu and our group managed to get 20 marks je..
Then the 2nd round the questions quite easy and ade yg funny la .. Hahaha
we gained another 80marks because we answered most of the questions correctly.. Yahoo!
The last round ade 3 questions je! Hehe every team could answer each of the questions.. :)
we were asked to guess nama lagu, who's the penyanyi and also composer of the songs yg diorang play.. :)
my group dapat 20marks for the 3rd round.
so yeah, we WON! :D
my team mate- FAIZ NAWI got the title "BEST PARTICIPANT" coz he answered questions promptly and correctly :D
congrats faiz... Hehe

masa mula2, my team ni lemah sikit.. We(me and faiz) thought that we would be defeated tonight coz the 1st round was quite tough seyh..
But Alhamdulillah, it turned out to be the other way round! :D
yippeeee! Lemang won! Hahaha

THANKS to NASIONAL FM co-workers
especially mr.HASNAN SUHAILI (the head of nasional FM) for inviting us tonight..
it was a pleasure to be with the radio people :D
and not forgettin to the STUDIO A technical crews and sound engineers,
u guys have done a great job! :)

ouh lupe nak mentioned,
tadi ade singing performances by HJH SUZI and FAIZ NAWI..
And ade great sketsa tao tadi by DK.MASKUIN, TAUFIK and JAI BERACUN! Hahahaha
it was full of fun and laughter.. Hehehe
what an exciting night! xD
Hans Anwar, Joe M and Meerul Esham of PHUTUREPHASE pun turun padang kasi support! HAHA thanks guys!! :D

And oh, tadi before masuk studio A i popped in to pelangi studio jumpe abang Isa..
He was on duty tonight! :)
dh lama tak jumpe.. Huhu
been very busy la masing2 kan....

alamak! lupe!
I'd like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own ROSMAN MASRI..

He's one of the PHUTUREPHASErs..
A great singer with great voice and also a composer who has superb ideas! :D
may Allah bless you yeah, amin..

gtg! Mmmuah!

putri ;) xoxo

Thursday, 18 September 2008

today PUBLIC HOLIDAY.. hahahaa

Hey to the low = HELLO! haha
ape je si pu3 ni.. Hahax

what's up peeps? :)

aiyaaa.. Yesterday tak sempat nak blog uhh..
Was bloody busy mann...
Bangun tido je then mandi and lalala, pas tu teros buat holiday assignment! Haha Rajin!
Naaa actually saje je nak kasi siap awal so at the end of the month nanti takde la sebok2 nak buat all the assignment kan.. Hehehe
good student seyh aku =p
oh yea, after buat homework+buat revision pe sume..
Then ME and my cousins, QILAH and BILAH teman my nenek in the kitchen.. Hee
we goodgurls tao.. =p
then lastnight i went for a meeting with my designer..
We discussed bout my outfit for the ASEAN+KOREA,CHINA and BULGARIA GOLDEN MELODIES FESTIVAL-CUM-CONTEST 2008 which will be held in HoChiMinh city VIETNAM :)
yeah, semalam tengok the sketch je and it was SUPERWOW!! hahaha

and ouh, i'll be real busy by tomorrow uhh..

yesterday, early in the morning lagy ibu dh msg me..
i was still in bed tao by the time ibu msg tu..
then i read the msg(brape banyak "msg" daaaaaaa =p)
dh la my eyes susah nak bukak.. huhu

the msg says: " pu3 ada tasks!"

on 19th- recording at STUDIO A RTB for KUIZ CERDAS PANTAS RAYA
organised by NASIONAL FM.

on 20th&21st- shooting an interview at REGAL BLUE STUDIO.

on 22nd- photoshoot for album kompilasi Pelangi RENTAK 914 vol.3 at 10am, venue: JEN STUDIO GADONG.

then latest update- MAYBE tonight ada recording at kristal studio for raya programme.

but its okay.. thats my job anyways.. hahaha

and yeah, towards the end of the month lagy busy..
WHY??? because..... 'SKY' is coming down.. hehehehehee
cant wait to see you real soon.. ;)

ouh, on the 30th, i'll be flying off to kl..
YAY!! raya with AYAH and FAMILY kat kampong.. ;D
tp tak lama uhh... =( 2-3 days dh balek sini balek..sigh..
but takpela kan :) janji dapat raya kat kampong! YIPPEEEEEZ!! =D

okay la, i'll end here kayy..
take care yaahhhh!!! :D

putri ;) xoxo

surveyhhhhh.. =D

eyyyhhhhh... waiiiittttt...

i feel like doing a survey laa... HAHA

> The Who’s
> Who Was The Last Person You Talked To, i mean on the phone?
> ♥ love. ;)
> Who Was The Last Person You Were With?
> ♥ ibu.
> Who Was Your Last Kiss?
> ♥ my lil cuzy, ADAM. ;)
> Who Knows The Most About You?
> ♥ ibu, my bestfies MIA & MIRA and him.
> Who Is Your Favorite Band, Rapper, Singer, etc.?
> ♥lotss! but now, im into AFGAN. :D
> Who Can Make You Laugh No Matter What?
> ♥ LOVE, my bestbuddies,mia,mira, AYAH. HAHA
> Who Has Your Heart?
> ♥ HIM *wink*
> Who Is or Was Your Favorite Teacher In School?
> ♥ mr.RAVI NAIDOO. my english teacher.
> Who Is Your Crush?
> ♥ kepoh uh you! :P
> Who Is Your Best Friend(s)?
> ♥ MIA & MIRA
> Who Loves You?
> ♥ YOU la. hee~
> The What’s
> What Is Your Favorite Song At The Moment?
> ♥ .BIRU by AFGAN :)
> What Are You Looking Forward To?
> ♥ SKY's arrival ;D
> What Is Your Favorite Color?
> ♥ PINK! haha
> What Website Do You Visit Most?
> ♥ FS, blogger, myspace.
> What Makes You Blush?
> ♥ a blusher! HAHAHAHAHA
> What's Your Favourite Sport ?
> ♥ sleep. HAHA no la.. NETBALL. :)
> What Kind Of Phone Do You Have?
> ♥ Nokia N73.
> What Was The Last Song You Listened To?
> The When’s
> When Was The Last Time You Went To The Mall?
> ♥ last week.
> When Did You Talk To Your Love Last?
> ♥ this morning.
> When Is The Next Time You’ll Do Something Fun?
> ♥ idk.
> When Was The Last Time You Ate or Drank Something?
> ♥ this morning, sahur (:
> When Is Your Birthday?
> ♥ 14th jan.
> When Was The Last Time You Went To The Movies?
> ♥ last week.
> When Is Your Parents Birthday?
> ♥ ayah:11th oct and ibu: 18th jan
> When Were You In The Car Last?
> ♥ just now.
> When Will You Be 21?
> ♥2012. haha
> When Will You Be Taking Your Next Vacation?
> ♥ end of this month! :D
> The Where’s
> Where Do You Live?
> ♥ in a house.. duhhh.. :P
> Where Is The Best Place To Be?
> ♥ heaven. :)
> Where Was Your Last Vacation?
> ♥ singapore.
> Where Were You Born?
> ♥ Pusat Rawatan Islam Baitulmal Kuala Lumpur.
> Where Is Your Best Friend(s)?
> ♥ im not sure.
> Where Was The Last Place Your Were Besides Your Own House?
> ♥ supermarket. HAHA
> Where Do You Think You’ll Be In 10 Years?
> ♥ there. :)
> Where Was Your Display Picture Taken?
> ♥ Berakas Forest Reserve Beach Brunei.
> Where Were You 24 Hours Ago?
> ♥ sebok la u.. haha

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


As requested by IMAN :)

"Lagu nasihat ku nyanyikan
Jangan pulang meruap ati
Selalu beingat jadi pagangan
Waima pun dangan kitani

Jangan jadi iting sumbilang
Inda bisai di dangar urang
Bila bekurapak kurang pariksa
karang diri kesubukan jua

Ambuyat dingin jangan dibuat
Sampai mati idup inda arkat
Ambuyat dingin jangan dibuat
Sampai mati idup inda arkat

Cardik macam buratak nasi
Masak usulnya nada beisi
Mun tekana isi parutnya
Nada angin betarabangan jua
Cardik macam buratak nasi
Masak usulnya nada beisi
Mun tekana isi parutnya
Nada angin betarabangan jua

Lain urang naik pukuk
Lain urang kengalihan
Baik betanang dari menyibuk
Ujungnya macam ayam kebasahan"

-songs and lyrics by JOE M
-music arrangement by HANS ANWAR

and to Iman, thanks for droppin by
and i really do appreciate your kind support! :D


Timecheck, its 1.20pm..
Just came back from my aunt's place.. Me and ibu tido kat her place lastnight coz our house blackout lamer gyler siaoo...
and oh, my aunt ni ada 3 persian cats tao.. very the cute you know.. haha
look at these pictures =)

and oh today's 16sept right??
So HAPPY HOLIDAYS students! Haha
yay! Cuti skola dh start :D

Im not goin anywhere this hols but i'll be goin back to KL for RAYA end of this month..
Yipppeeeeee!!! :D

*yawn* im so damn sleepy seyh..
Tak tido2 dari tadi..
Im gonna take a nap kejap la...
tak leh lamer2 coz nak buat revision lagy and buat keje dapor.. Haha
again, me so very the rajin la this month! :p HAHA
Just kidding..

gotta go now folks!

take care, dont take drugs.. =p

putri ;) xoxo

I LOVE YOU, and its for real..

Its 8am and i havent sleep since 3am.. Sigh..

im not in the mood, so just let me sing..

its my fave song by corrine bailey rae entitled LIKE A STAR..

"just like a star across my sky
just like an angel off the page
u have appeared to my life
feel like i'll never be the same
just like a song in my heart
just like oil on my hands
honour to love you

still i wonder why it is
i dont argue like this
with anyone but you
we do it all the time
blowing out my mind

you've got this look i cant describe
you make me feel like im alive
when everything else is a fade
without a doubt you're on my side
heaven has been a way too long
cant find the words to write this song
oh your love..

still i wonder why it is
i dont argue like this
with anyone but you
we do it all the time
blowing out my mind

now i have come to understand the way it is
its not a secret anymore
coz we've been through that before
from tonight i know that you're the only one
i've been confused and in the dark
but now i understand..."

i feel better now.. :)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Its hot in hereeeeeeeee!! =O

Hiyee folks! :D

today, i didnt go to school...
Was having bad flu and migrain...huhu

my hand pun mcm ader rase numb siket uh ni ari... :/

yea, i woke up at 9am td then mandi..
Lps tu i did my revision for exams tak lamer lagy..
Then petang, around 2pm my cousin Bilah, called..
She said dia nak datang rumah so yeah i told her i ader kat rumah..

at 4pm ibu called me, dier kate dier otw balik so she asked me to get ready..
ibu mintak temankn gi supermarket.. I asked Bilah to come along lah..
We went to Soon Lee to buy some barang untuk masak for buke puase.. :)

ibu pegi internet cafe jap
to print some urgent things la..
Kat rumah cannot do so pasal my computer rosak! Huhu

yeah, then we went home around 5plus la..

tadi buke ramai2.. :D
macam2 ada.. Hahaha
sampai perot sakit coz makan banyak sangat..=p
and oh please take note uncle Aziz,
hari ni pu3 makan lebih siket so i guess im not that KUDUT anymore... HAHA :p

tadi at 8pm, me and ibu were watching our favourite korean drama series titled "NEW HEART"..
Ni cerita pasal bedah2 orang.. Hehe
best tao the drama.. The actor is HOT some more.. :p
hahaha (nahhh, my boyfie lg hot! :p)
sekali, tengah2 scene best nih, my house BLACKOUT out of all sudden!!
Punye lah saket hati...
Naseb baek ader ibu punyer 3G PHONE..
dapat la tengok mobile tv...
Tp dh telepas lah the best scene.. Huhu
sedeyhh... Sob sob sob..

and and u know what peeps??
My house STILL GELAP sampai sekarang!!!
Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. =O
sigh.. Takpela.. Sabar itu separuh daripada iman :) hehehe

okay la.. I'll end here...
Its getting stuffy lah.. HUHU..

y'all have a good night sleep yeahhhhh.... :D
im not sure if i'll have one,
but lets hope so.. HAHA

putri ;) xoxo

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sunday night!

Good pm folks! :)

alright.. This is a short one..
Im too lazy to type uh.. Huhu

i just got home from Muchdieni, AGAINNNN..! Hahaha
met rudy of course, and mel..
Not forgettin mike and ardly from Artly Design too.. :)

and ouh, today's Amir's birthday..
May Allah bless u with loadsa love and happiness in ur life yeah :D

okay la.. Gtg now..

putri ;) xoxo

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Ma right hand.. Huhuhu

Hey readers!

its nearly 10.30pm now and im doin my homework, blogging at the same time.. Hee..

im not feelin really well today, havin flu + my right hand sakit..
Last night, ibu asked me to tutup the toilet's window..
Since the window tinggi, so i climbed the toilet bowl and suddenly i SLIPPED...
The worst part was my hand still dekat the window!!
can u imagine the window tinggi,
my hand still pegang the window's handle
and i jatoh ke bawah(of course! Mane ade jatoh ke atas! =p) haishh! I thought my hand tercabut seh!
But i didnt even shed a tear coz im a SUPERWOMAN!
hahaha right baby? =p
cheyh2 bebual mcm paham.. Hahaha..

so yeah, went to muchdieni lagy semalam ambik my things kat rudy..
Then met ADY PAPZ..
When me+ibu+rudy+ady= SUPERCRAZY.. =D
Hahaha we're havin so much fun lastnight..
And oh yeah, today's papz's birthday!
mudahan panjang umur and murah rezki ah papz ahh...
Bila lanja makan ne?? Haha
and yeah! Stop CANDID-ing Me u PAPARAZZI!! :@

so yeah, then balek rumah jer teros tido.. Penat.. Huhu
then my phone rings at 1.39am.. (hey love! Haha)
then we talked for few minutes lepas tu tido balek..
Tp tido2 ayam jer..
Ibu woke me up at 3.30am for sahur then teman2 ibu kemas rumah sampai 4.30am..
See i very the rajin di subuh2 hari.. Ahaks!
Then baring2 on my bed,
Konon nak tido uh ni..
tp tak jugak tido2 mata nih! Haha
at 5.09am, my phone rings, again.. Haha
we talked sampai 6.45am..
We had a very fun conversation!
We laughed like anything! :p
after that teros mandi coz actually i got school! haha
daring kan? Hehe I KNOW! =p
class starts at 7.45am, so yeahhh...
Went home from school at 11.50am.. =)

i was so sleepy, so lepas solat zohor je terus pengsan seyh..
Ibu went shoppin with my lil cousin FITRI..

basically, not much to share la today..
I need to stop now la coz my hand dh tak leh tahan nak type lg ni.. Sob sob =(


putri ;) xoxo

Friday, 12 September 2008


Hiyeee!! :D

lastnight i reached home a bit late coz i went to ARTLY DESIGN, quite lama jugak la we lepak at the shop..
Bual2 and ketawe2 with ardly's family.. Hehe
love them! Very supportive loving family :)
and then went to MUCHDIENI..
I bought some stuffs from rudy (owner)..
Very good service seyh the kedai + tutup lambat = i love it so much!
I bought new bag, and its WHITE! :D haha

then, i bought new baju and shades :)

last 3 nights i just bought new contact lenses (warm hazel) and tempah new spectacles skali and its ESPRIT! :)

thank you ibu! Love u very strong! HAHA
the night before lastnight pon i went to the mall shopping baju and towel..
Haiisshh... I shopped a lot lah this month..Serious...

but takpe la, sekali sekala.. Bukan selalu... Hehehe

and yea, lastnight reached home around 11plus pm.. Ibu dh ngantok gyler.. So did i..
but then at 12.02am, i received a msg wishing me a very happy anni.. :)

today is a special day! :D
so i like to wish "HAPPY ANNI" love... :)
wish i could find the right words to tell you how much i love you..
But, words can never measure the love in my heart..
So when i say I LOVE YOU,
i really mean it and just know how deeply i feel it and that
i'll always be grateful to have you in my life :)

heee.. Lovey dovey pulak...
But look love, i may not be romantic, but you'll never imagine how sweet i can be.. HAHAXX.. Joking joking..
Btw love, if u have the time,
try to listen to AFGAN's "HANYA ADA SATU" yeah.. :)

and ouh, today's uncle aziz's birthday!
So im wishing u a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY uncle!! :D
may ALLAH bless you with longivity and prosperity in life..
And just so you know that you are one of the greatest wacky man in this whole wide world! :p
no la, im just kidding.. Jgn marah tao uncle.. HEHE
kalau marah nanti boleh jadi KUDUT.. hahahaha
again, im kidding..whee..

okay, hari ni friday right?
Dont know la if hari ni gi kluar lagy ke tak ey coz esok skola..
But oh yeaaahhhh.... Semalam dh janji ngan rudy nak pegi his kedai lagy nak kene ambik some barang...
So malam ni ketawe besar lagy la ni.. Hahaha
because this 'RUDY' guy is real funny and one thing that u should know bout him, he's a CAT-LOVER...
inside of his kedai, got so many cats u know...
mcm penternak kucing udah si rudy ani.. Hehehe
tapi kucingnya lawa-lawa kali ah.. :D
look at this one.. cute kn? its one of rudy's collection..
and it is a REAL cat!! haha

so now, i think i better stop..
Need to do my revision, nanti ibu marah.. Huhu
takoooooot..... :S

till tomorrow! :)

putri ;) xoxo

Thursday, 11 September 2008

untitled :p HAHA

Assalamualaikum =)

hello readers! :)

ni hari i didnt go to school..
woke up around 9plus gitu..
biase arr... bangun then mandi and all that..

so hari ni i spent most of my time in my room jerr
doing my revision.. ibu keje.. so yeah, i stayed at home je laa
tak pegi maner2 hari ni..

ermm... nothin much la todayyy... huhuhu
so yeah, tak banyak yg dpt d share..
btw, my tummy hurts seyhh..
because tak tebangun sahur... heeeeeeeee
well, hari ni bebuka puasa kat rumah with my grannies and cousins :D

i guess tonight i need to go to ARTLY DESIGN balik
to alter my baju..
ehehehe aderr sikit besar mehhh... hahhahaha

now dh 5.45pm laa..
tak lamerr lagy nak buke nihh...
so i'll stop here la, cann?? heee...
i'll update lagy esok kay...

i know this is a 'boring' post but anyways, THANKS for reading yeahh.. HEHE

putri ;)xoxo

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

A happy day! :D

Hola! Buenas Tardes!
which means "good evening" ;)

hows everybody?
Having a good day?
well i did! :D

td skola mcm biasa, nothin much to tell..
But in the afternoon around 12.30pm tadi me and mira duduk2 dekat "bench" (mira's hot spot :p)..
Spent our time doing our own stuffs, MIRA with her MATHS while ME with my ENGLISH book..
Actually we're waiting for our turn to have the oral exam..
So yeah, we talk talk then laugh laugh like anything.. HAHAHA
and, yeah basically we wasted our time waiting! Huh.
Pu3 kluar dri the exam room exactly at 3pm :D
the oral exam was okay..
The examiners pon sporting.. :D
tp i was so damn tired la today coz skola dri pagi sampai petang... Hari panas.. And yea, SABAR JE LAAAAAA...

then i went home..
Smpai rumah je, wash up and everything...
Then i watched this movie titled "21".. Its mira's dvd btw.. Haha
best seyh the movie :D its about this black jack thingy, starring KATE BOSWORTH! (she's adorable ;))
then around 4pm my phone rings, someone called saying "i miss you" :)
(loveyoubaby!) haha
ibu balik keje around 4.45pm..
dier masuk pintu je terus jerit, "pu3! Kau tak siap2 lagy?"
aperr lagy, terus bangun belari pegi iron baju..
I had forgotten about our plan today, berbuka puasa kat Villa Mauri (italian restaurant) + celebrate HANS ANWAR (my executive manager)'s birthday! :D
the food was marvellous man!! It was superduperyummy! :D
meerul, faiz and azlin joined us.. :)

after buke, me and ibu went to the mall to buy some stuffs, then i went to Artly to take my baju.. So yeah.. Hari ni was a busy day! :D
but i enjoyed it! Wheee..

eyyyhh.. Sedar tak sedar, its almost 12am now..
I better off to bed..
So i guess its GOODNIGHT lah! :)

sweet dreams yeah!

putri ;) xoxo

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Hey peepz!

how're you guys doin today?
Im doin just fine here :) (incase u wanna know.. hahax)
well, not really that fine.. :(

today, everything went wrong la... :(
dh la bangun pagi td TERlambat(it was un-sengaja-ble) then sampai skola pon lambat! (like obviously! Haha)
naseb baek hari ni my commerce teacher punye mood okay so takyah la gi amek late slip.. Haha

urmmm.. Dont wanna talk bout school uh..

then back to square one..

what an unlucky day today is! Balek rumah je go change baju and stuff..
Then i turned on my lappy, and guess what?
My lappy kene attacked by virus seyh! Aduhh stress stress stress!!
And the best part is my anti-virus dh expired and i've to download it lg like.. Urgh!
Dh la connection slow, abeh nak download lg punye lah lama so yeah! Tutop je la the lappy..
Sigh.. What a bad day..
Luckily, i've my HP.. haha
and yeah, i blogged using my phone.. Hehehe

now i donno what to write lagy uh...
My kepale still sakit..

oh yeahhh, i'll be havin my english oral examination esok,
so wish me luck kay! :)

i'll stop here la..
Take care yaw! ;)

putri ;) xoxo

Monday, 8 September 2008

Ooo Lala..

Heyyaaaa everybody!!! :D

I just reached home from school.. tired laa..... plus pening2 seyh.. huhuhu
but hey, im SURVIVIN baby!! ;p haha

so yeahh, today school was okay, urmm.... 1st and 2nd period i was havin commerce and it was blurghhh! boring... idk uh.. maybe, because of the teacher agaknyee.. but kire okay la...
she gave MCQ test and i scored 34/40... not bad lah kan.. haha...
period 3 i've maths... errrrrrk~ NO COMMENT.. the teacher marah2 seyh... lalalala
after that we got ENGLISH!!! :D i love english so much!!
we just love mr.Ravi... right gurlss?? hehehe
lps tu break for 15 mins.. puase pon ader break tao.. how cool is that? hahahaha
then we had science in the lab with mrs.Ramos.. she's so funny seh.. hahax
and the last 2 period we had IRK..... and i pity the cikgu laa..
everytime dier nak kasi explanation mcm tak kene layan... huhu
soorryy cigu, i know how hard it is for you,
but you know the fact that almost the whole class scored excellent grade for IRK rightttttt?? hehehehe and yeah, please know that WE DO LOVE YOU CIGU!! haha apakaaaannnnn out! okayy, now im doing this in 3 languages.. HAHA
alrighty, done bout school..

btw, im having real headache la everytime i heard people are sayin that my parents divorced and that is so NOT TRUE!!
recently i've read ada this someone wrote it somewhere la telling people that "putri is so kesian because the parents separated"... but actually NOT..
its just because my dad is workin in KL and my mum di sini does't mean diorang inda together..
they're happilly married for almost 21years now...
so please la to those yg inda tau cerita sebenar, stop talkin all this kinda nonsense kay..
fewhhhhhh............kurang sikit my pening..

ouh,talking bout parents ani, i got something interestin to share with ya..
i had a conversation with my dad on the phone last 2 nights and the coversation goes like this-

AYAH: pu3, buka puase cakap brunei aper eh? ayah lupe laa...

ME: its "SUNGKAI" la yah....

AYAH: ahahahahahahahahha (LOL)

ME: why yah??

AYAH: takk... ayah ni nak msg ibu, konon nak wish selamat berbuke dlm bahase brunei la ni..
tp ayah lupe buke puase tu ckp brunei aperr..
abeh dalam kepale ayah its "SELAMAT BER-SIKUT"

ME: hahahahahhahahahha

to Non-bruneians, sikut means piggybackride... HAHAHA

i was laughing tak berenti2 uh that night.. :D
sigh..... now i miss my dad :(

so bukak puase later nak makan aper ek?? hehehe
im craving for nasi kambing uh.. later tell ibu lahh.. hehehehhehe

heyyyyyyyy, my eyes need some rest la..
tadi bangun kul 3 lebih for sahur, then bangun lagi solat subuh then gi skola..
sleepy siaooooo....*yawn*

ermmmmm... i guess i'll end here..
dunno what to write lagy..

so, bubye kamu! ;)
have a nice monday yeah.... (^^,)

putri ;) xoxo

Sunday, 7 September 2008


i just realised that i did the whole post in english and standard malay laa...
heeeee...... inda sengaja....

but bruneians, im sure kamu paham kn tu yg ku tulis atu..???? hehehehe

LOVE YOU bruneianss!!! ;D

sunday morning ;D

Good Morning!!!! ;D

okayyy, since im half malaysian and half bruneian, so im gonna do this in both languages yeah.. HAHA....

i woke up this mornin around 9am and my mata still berat uh, i dont know why...
maybe not enough sleep la lastnight...
semalam kiterr tido awal seh jadi goodgirl konon.. hahahaha
but no la, actually my tummy was upset uh lastnight, so bagi ubat and terus tido.. heee
then my phone rings at 1.15am, after that langsung takleh tido..
so me and ibu go dapur and search for food coz dua2 laparrr... ahahha
kes tido awal nihhh.. :p

but yeah, then 2.30am ibu dah tido.... zzzzzzz.......
while me? i was having trouble sleeping uhhhh.... mata tanak tutop!
so i turned on my iPod, layan lagu2 afgan sampai mengantokkk.. hahaha
then timecheck, it was 4am siakkk... WAHAHAHA
jadi zombie la si putrii ni.. hehehe
so then pakse2 my mata to tido, at last! tetido jugak!!! HAHAHA berjaya!! :D

yeahhh, woke up this morning, go shower and yadayadayada...
then i checked my friendster..
so nothing much uh today.. heeee

ouh.. and IBU siang2 lagy dh bilang, Ni hari kene kemas bilik and bace buku so NO EXCUSES!
sigh.. but its okay.. merajin-rajinkan diri di bulan puasa... ;)

so i guess, thats all for today.... :)
so FRIENDS, yg belom link me, u better do so huh... hehehe

take care peeps!!

putri ;) xoxo

Saturday, 6 September 2008

new thaing! =D

Assalamualaikum =)

holla everyone!

PUTRI's here.. :)

well, this "blog"-ing thingy is kinda new to me.. so HAHA..
but for now, i dont have much to post..
so yeahh, and ouh there's a box where u can TALK TO ME.. =)
so people people, be nice to me yeah! hehe

and and, credit to MIRA ; thanks a million and iloveyou!! bnr nii.. hahaxx