Saturday, 21 February 2009

let the pictures do the talking! :)

Alrighty.. here are some photos taken during MALAM ANUGERAH RTB 2008 recently..

grabbed from DAIA's blog (:

grabbed from ARDLY's blog...

grabbed from DJ ALIFF's blog (:

okay, these pics were taken during THE APPRECIATION NIGHT for ANUGERAH RTB..

and these photos pulak taken during SIMFONI TANAHAIR semi-final hari tuuuuu...

during P2F (season 2) FINAL CONCERT..

this one grabbed from MIRA's blog btw.. hee

during MNC's album launching..

ni during concert P2F&p2K (at dewan raya RTB)

Friday, 20 February 2009

Sharing is Caring *winks*


how's life treatin you? :)

sorry for not updating these past few days,
pu3 diserang demam panas lorrhh.. :(
actually, malam anugerah rtb tu i pening2 already..
I was asking for Panadol kat everyone.. Haahaa
takde sorang pun ade tau..
Sampai there's one lady at the backstage tepakse urut me.. Hee thanks ye :)
sampai habis the show i still kept on asking sape got panadol..
And at last, aunty suzanne said she have panadol inside her bag..
Abeh orang2 tengah busy ambik gambar and stuffs, so sampai terlupa lah aunty nak kasi me panadol.. Huhu
then the next day, pu3 dh start demam.. Sobs..
But malam tu aunty suzanne texted me..
Dier teringat about the panadol and then said sorry.. Hee
its okay la aunty suzanne :)
i still love you whut ;p hehe

and today, dh kire 4 days dh i got this fever..
Tak suke uhh....
real talk man.. I kid you NOT!
Please la demam, go away kay..

okay enough of that (-_-'

yesterday, stayed at home..
Alone, doin nothing..
And petang, pu3 online..
Chatted with bestie MIA.. :D
sigh.. Im so missing her.. And MIRA.. :[
Mia said, her new school boleh tahan..
Got nice library.. Hehe
but she still belom biase sangat with her schoolmates..
So now, she's the GOODGIRL and she said she's Pendiam now..
which is so not her.. Hehehe
Aww, i know how it feels girlfriend..
Sabar saja, fight for your O's okay? :D

im praying hard for you and mira okay..

Mira has been very busy nowadays..
She's in the choir team yg will be performing for Brunei's jubli perak National Day this upcoming 23rd.. :D
so, sing your heart out yeaahh babe :D

lastnight LOVE msg ibu tanye pu3 mcm mane..
Awww.. Thank you cinta for being so caring :)
love you so much......

and ouh, im thinkin of sharing this blog of mine with LOVE.. (",)
so if u guys cannot find me at putri-norizah.blogspot lg after this,
that means i changed my URL k.. Hehe
so if u people wanna know ape my URL, u know where to find me..
Who knows my number, just beep me..
Sape yg tak tau just click me at Friendster okay... ;p

but remember, i said 'IF' okay..
The word is 'KALAU'.. Hehe..

hoho ;D
we're gonna meet each other soon baby!
Yay-ness! ;D

cant wait to see you :)

oh! Its 2pm now!
Time for my meds..
See, pu3 nak cepat baek tau.. Hee
so, BUHBYE :))

putri ;) xoxo

Monday, 16 February 2009

Happy Birthday Cinta! ;D

Heyya everyone :D

its 12.15pm..
i just finished my lunch.. Hehe

so, did u watch ANUGERAH RTB lastnight? ;)
yeahhh.. It was a BLAST! Hee
siok berabizz ani wah..
And and CONGRATZ to all the pemenang yeah..

ermm.. I dont have the photos of lastnight's show right now..
But no worries, nanti minta arah The photographers, Hafiz & Kaka ;D

ouh yes, not to forget..
A BIG THANKS to Ardly for designing my baju yg very the fabulous semalam.. ;D
i LOVEE berabiz the baju.. Hee
Artly Design rawks! ;D hoho!

and today is 16thfeb right? ;)
so Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you my one only LOVE..
Wah! Dh 18 la dier.. Ehee
though kiter jauh, tak dpt celebrate together.. Its ok right sayang..
Coz we'll celebrate belated sikit ey.. Hehe
but i've told u before right LOVE?
We've learned to lean on each other during hard times and to celebrate with each other when good things come along.
And though neither of us knows what the future holds, tapi we know one thing for sure kan yang, that we'll always be able to count on each other as long as we stick together :D

once again, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY baby! :)
and ouh yes LOVE..
ADEB pun wishes you a very wonderful 18th birthday..
He said that he rindu nak makan cup noodles with you kat bawah block.. Hahaha

and and today pun Maria punye birthday.. ;D
happy 20th birthday to u sis!
And Congratulation atas kemenangan semalam..
Wish u all the best of luck with everything u do yeah ;)

so imma end this post right here..
coz i have rehearsal at 2pm ni..


putri ;) xoxo

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Im missing almost everyone.. :'(

Now its 12.45am..
And im still wide awake.
I dont know why pu3 tak sleepy2 lagy ni?

my bestfriend, Mia texted me earlier..
Tellin me that she has moved to Mentiri which is quite far from tempat tinggal pu3..
And she told me that she'll be studyin at SMPDSM..
Huhu Goodluck girlfriend with your new friends..
sekulah campur tu yaw, setelah berapa taun kau skulah di girls high school.. Hee..
Call me when u need me, u know where to find me right?
I love you bestfriend! ;D

and my other bestfriend, Mira.
She said that she'll be studying di LCB kali jua after her june exams..
yeah, better study hard mira..
So that, we can be sama2 lagi.. Hee
Im sure you can get good grades..
=D goodluck with ur exams and ouh ur CHOIR jua! Hehe
u go girl!! Haha.. Apakaaaan?? xp

this morning, i woke up at 11am..
Eh, now dh kire 8th feb kan?
Okay i mean, on the 7th morning..
mandi and blablabla, teros siap2 nak keluar..
Went to RTB to pass something to DJ ZATY.
Then, went to Kiulap..
Singgah Serowahedeen Boutique jap then dropped by at Artly just to say HI..
And then pu3 rush2 nak pegi rizqun coz i have to do soundchecking for 8th punye show..
And yeah, pegi Rizqun..
do the soundchecking dalam half an hour or maybe less than that..
Then pegi West Street Cafe to isi perut sikit..
Ate buttermilk chicken with rice.. Yummy!
And and I SO LOVE west street punye GARLIC BREAD WITH CHEESE.. Omg! Delicious!
And all the food there semua price dier REASONABLE tao..
I mean Reasonable like REALLY2 REASONABLE uh! Hahaha

after makan, we balik rumah kejap to take something then went back to Artly Design..
Lama jugak la kitorang kat saner tadi..
Ouh yeah, i forgot to mention that earlier kan we dropped by kat Artly kejap (before pegi Rizqun tu)..
So Ash and Fau were there.. Hehe
its been ages tak jumpe Ashraff and he's getting skinny lah.. Hoho!
Whats happening Ash?
Makan hati ey? :p
naahh, im just kidding la.. Hehe

and back to the story tadi..
We were quite lama kat Artly tadi discussing about my Baju for the Anugerah Rtb.. *winks*
borak2 and lalalalala..
Then balik rumah before 8pm la..
Because ibu taknak miss the Korean Movie at 8pm tu.. Hehehehe
kater koreanaddict maaa.. Hahax! :p

at 10.05pm, received a text message from LOVE..
Tellin me that he's ontheway home.
Tried to call him banyak kali but my phone buat hal pulak..
Pissed off orang dibuatnye ni phone betol lah! Mintak kene humban.
But after beberape kali mencuba, akhirnye dapat jugak reached my LOVE.. :)

talked to him for about half an hour..

ahh.. Its so great to hear your voice tadi sayang..
Coz i've missed you since always! ;) hahaha

and thats just it for today..
And i should go to bed now coz i got show at 10.45 in the morning..
I repeat, its in the MORNING!
So pu3.. Force yourself to sleep okay?


p/s: Be STRONG okay? Im always here for you..
I always believe that things happen for a reason..
So please, DONT ever give up okay..
And just so you know, im very proud of you :D


putri ;) xoxo

Thursday, 5 February 2009

F stands for FEBRUARY and FULL-SWING!

Hi readers (:

sorry for not updating..
Biaser larhh..
Lazy-ness Attack! :p haha

these few days, pu3 tak banyak keluar rumah lah..
My cousins are all busy with school and stuffs *except for my lil cuzy, ADAM* ahaks!
and im the only one yg Free seFree Free nyerr.. Haha
So im just chillin at home, watchin TV a lot, sleepin a lot, eating not really a lot *:p*, chattin with LOVE til late, learn my songs for Anugerah Rtb..
Yeah yeah yeahhh..
BOREDOM is haunting me!! *screams*
ibu keje from morning sampai petang..
My grannies pun got their own keje..
Haiishh.. Yes, im all alone by myself.. *sobbing*

Luckily, i got LOVE who is always there for me..
Hee thanks LOVE :D
and i remembered, few days back he msg-ed me something like this...

so Sweet and Thoughtful of You Cinta ;)
And he made up that*err..should i say pantun? Ehee* right away at that very second yknoww..
Awww baby, i just.. LOVE YOU! SO MUCH! :D

And ouh, YAY-NESS!
this month got so very the banyak bende best.. HOHO! ;D
♥12th - our 14th monthsary
♥14th - valentine's day *we dont really celebrate this one, i mean MUSLIMS dont*
♥16th - LOVE's 18th birthday
♥20th onwards - balek KL!

and yeahh..
I also got some updates on my activities for this month, FEBRUARY :)
●6th - i'll be judging a karaoke contest.. Private one mehh.. Hehe

●8th - will be performing for a wedding at Songket Ballroom, Rizqun International Hotel.

●10th - will be performing for a private function at Royal Berkshire Hall, JPCC.

●13th,14th,15th - photosession and also meetthefans for Carnival Anugerah Rtb which will be held at International Convention Centre (ICC)..
13th : 7pm-9pm
14th : 2pm-5pm
15th : 10am-12am

●15th (8pm) - the award night! ANUGERAH RTB!

●16th -its the APPRECIATION NIGHT for Anugerah Rtb and i'll be performing HEAR MY HEART ALOUD for the very first time IN BRUNEI.. Haha!

so folks, jangan lupe datang ramai2 to the Anugerah Rtb okay..
Me, myself and i will be performing that night..
And we also have Maria, Faiz Nawi and Dayat (p2f) ;D

ouh yeah yeah!
The result of Simfoni Tanahair is still ON HOLD!
Gosh! Its ridiculous right?! I know!
Yeah, whatever.. Pffft!
Okay.. Just.. Pray for the best ayte? Sigh..

and and ramai my friends yg tanye pu3 study kat mana after this?
So, yesterday went to the mall with ibu..
Listened to a brief explanation from the registrar, Dk.Sinah *cheyh! Sempat promote! ;p*
im quite interested on the courses yg LCB ni provide..
And, i've made up my mind! ;)
im gonna study here in Brunei for a couple of years lagi, get my Diploma all done,
and Insya Allah after that, pu3 will proceed to the next level in KL ;D
so, i'll be joining LCB Insya Allah in July this year..

yes, Putri! You must study hard! Heee

and, Putri! You better end this post now before its gettin too WORDY!! Hahaha

okay okay, im LAME but im PROUD.. ;p
*LOVE used to say that* haha

timechecked, 11.45pm.
so its time to say GOODNIGHT and have a pleasant dream okayh? (:

and and, im sorry for not uploading gambarss
coz all of the pics are still in my camera..heeee
So yeahhh.. ;)
Di harap kamu bisa bersabar yah!! ;p


putri ;) xoxo

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Goodbye STPRI..


pu3's back! Wheehee..
As i promised, i'll be back in Feb ayte?
Its the first day of the second month of the year 2009!
=_= okay thats confusing.. Hahaha *merepeks*

yaw! How's things??
Hee miss me tak? Miss me tak?
Awww... I knew it! I miss you too peepz.. :p haha
but yalohh, I seriously do MISS KAMUUHH... (",)

wow! Now dah masuk february..
Sungguh cepat masa berlalu.. *kauuu, takleh angkats* :p
january pun dah lepas dengan sekelip mata..
To me, it had been a tough start la for 2009..
Macam2 betul dugaan..
tp takpelah kan..
Semua yang terjadi itu pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya.. ^_^

so now, lets blog about my busy times towards the end of january ye? (:
well... I was with LOVE♥...
Spent few days with him and his family...
We had a great time right LOVE? :D
having the Myojo Mee together, do the crazy dance together, singing Adibah Nor's Kau Terlalu Istimewa with hairdryer dekat depan cermin *konon2 ader angin kuat mcm dlm videoclip! Haha*, u maen guitar and we nyanyi together, singing 'MAKE IT WORK' in the car, dengar all the songs in my phone sama2..
Ape lagy eyh?
Urmm... Aaahh!
Do the 'BERITA BESOK' interview! :p hahaha
Oh God! I just miss you baby :'(

and, The Sisters! :D
i rindu them like a whole lot....
Luckily that time it was Chinese New Year, so orang cuti la kann...
So yeah, spent some time with them jugak...
Jalan2 kat eastcoast...
Ambik gambar banyak2..
Nyanyi our fave songs...... ((:
makan Mc.D! :D
gereks wa cakap lu.. Hehehe

and ouh, i did tell you that im involved in Simfoni Tanahair kn?
Yeah, yesterday was the day..
It went well.. :)
its actually recorded since its just a semi-final kan..
Fyi, Simfoni Tanahair is a Song Writing competition..
So pu3 diberi kepercayaan untuk menyanyikan lagu ciptaan Rosman Masri.. :)
i was told that the result will be announced on Monday and that would be tomorrow..
So lets pray that lagu Rosman tu akan terpilih for the final alright? :))

and yesterday i woke up early..
Not really early la kan around 8am gitu.. Hehe
LOVE and Mia kebetulan texted me..
I've to go to school to take my O'Level Statement of Results..
So yeah before mandi, i talked to LOVE sekejap.. Heee
then biler dh siap sumer, asked ibu to drive me to school..
Sampai2 je kat Stpri, i waited for Mia sebab janji nak ambik slip sama2..
While waiting, met Safura and Qidah and kitorang borak2 la kejap..
And Safura, she's funny like berabizly (bila jua inda!) hahaha
love herr.. Hahaha
then few minutes later, Mia pun sampai....
*wah? Macam storytelling pulak ek.. Haha*
i was surprised that Mia dah kurus laa..
Cheyh3.. Lose weight ia udah..
Mira!! Banar ni banar! Si Mia kurus udah! Hehehehe
nanti ku mempost gambarnya ah mun kau inda picaya.. Haha

and oh yeah, met ikah a.k.a Pikong! Hehe
i miss you wah.. Hehe
long time no see! After almost 2 years kau jadi orang putih di States! Haha
makin lawaa yaaa.. Heee
welcome home baybehh! *mcm keaheran jua aku becakap cemani ani kan* ;p

ouh ouh, ramai yang tanya about my O'level result..
happy me! Hehe
terima kasih atas doa awda semua..
And A BIG THANKS to all my teachers for all the guidance for the past 5 years pu3 di STPRI..
Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa baik kalian..
Amin3 Ya Rabbal 'Alamin ;)

okay okay, back to the story then dh tengahari i went straight to RTB to do my makeup..
Then change baju and did my dance practise with my dancers-terjun at the assembly area.. Haha
kira ala2 bidan terjun la tu eyh..
And then FM pun dah bising2 suruh get ready kat Dewan raya..
And the recording started at 3pm..
Finished at 4plus..

then blablabla.. We balik... ;D

hahahaha now, idk what else to blog about..
so dengan itu Wabillahittaufik Walhidayah..
Wassalamu'alaikumwarahmatullahiwabarkatuh ;)))

wheeee.. Toodles~

putri ;) xoxo