Thursday, 19 August 2010

its been ages.


HelloHi my dearest readers!! :D

miss me?? really?? ;p
i miss you guys too!!! :D
ohh its been so long since i last update this dusty blog of mine.. heeee
Life's been superduperbusy with loadsa things :)
so yeahhh... that was the reason why i didnt blog for a long time...

im here! to update you guys :)

As some of you know already,
that i've been selected as one of the Participating Youth for SSEAYP2010 :D
and IM OFFICIALLY A BPY NOW!!! yeayness!!! :D
oh yeah thats ABANG AZEEZ, our Ketua :D *check out whats in his hand* ;p

for this programme,I'll be away from 25Oct-16Dec..
Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, & Vietnam...DO WAIT FOR ME! :)

Training for this Kapal Belia dh bermula since July lepas :)
since then kami training almost everynight! :D
best best!! :D

see these people?

they are my NEW FAMILY ♥

oh yeah, i miss performing on stage! :S
The last performance that i did was in last July..
Thanks to ARTLY DESIGN for sponsoring the Beautiful dress :)

some of the PY datang support :D aww.. i love them :)

been spending most of time with the PYs :)

Lots of things happenning in this month of August :D

hari tu Putri involved in SAMBUTAN HARI BELIA KEBANGSAAN :)

for LARIAN HARI BELIA pun Putri involved jugak, as a VOLUNTEER :)
it was fun! :D

2nd week of August Pu3 ada shooting for a raya drama..
Thanks to Mienan Yunos (the Director) for having me as the Guest Artist :)

Jonghyun's sexy back lah konon :P HAHA

and oh, 2weeks ago ,I attended the Appreciation Dinner for Hari Belia at ICC.

oh yeah, had a meeting with My CHINA-ASEAN gang hari atuu... :D
tp inda bnyk begambar kami ah..
we had our Hi-Tea at De'Aprils Kiulap :)

and yes, the other day, i had lunch with MIRAgirlfriend at Kokokan :)
it was great seeing my bestie..
Mia wasnt there though :(
but yeah, hopefully next time she can make it...hmmm...

i missed hanging out with my cousins too...
Qilah tinggal di hostel udh..
so, hujung minggu tah ganya bejumpa..
Bilah masani tinggal arah nini, coz if ia tinggal disini, nada dangannya..
satu rumah pun payah bejumpa ani wah...

and yeahhhh... yatah yg paling last we hangout ni.. :(

and oh, another thing..
ADEK (Daia) is leaving for UK soon...
awww.... im so gonna miss her..
inda tah complete The Boos ni... :(

recently, went out with some of The Boos watching SALT at the cinema..
before adek belayar, so kami ngedate lerr... heee
the movie was AWESOME!
Angelina Jolie is LOVED! :D
my sarsi tumpah si dika punya pasal :P

last but not least,
Our Japanese Friends Okouchi Hiroshi & his wife Hiromi dh balik Japan for good..

Hope to see you guys in Japan soon yes? :D
take care :)

so readers, i think thats enough for now..

i'll update u guys nanti lagi..
will try my best :)