Sunday, 22 August 2010

Pat is in Brunei :)

Its Sunday..
what have u been doing all day peeps? :)

I woke up late tadi.. :S
lepas sahur tak tidur so terus solat subuh..
and after that baru tidur..
hah ambik kau! akhir pulang bangun.. heee

today ader training at 2pm.
mula2 dance practise and then Discussion time..
sudah done semua, we had Cheers Battle!
haha i didnt do the cheers tadi ;p coz my partner wasn't there (he's away)..
so im alone.,. how can i do the group cheers if sorang kan? cali jua sulnya tu...
but it was fun tadi!! :D we got to learn new Cheers from ISA & MUN :))

training finished at 5pm..
i headed straight to the mall to meet my dearfriend, PATRA..
she came all the way from Bangkok..
She's actually the Producer who invited me for the ASEAN+3 COncert For The King kat Bangkok hari tu,.. :)

Great to see you here in Brunei, PAT :)

We sungkai at WEST STREET CAFE tadi...

tejumpa lagi my dearies :D

awww... I missed them alot!
Hill, Asde, Dayat, AJ, Qeez, Ina & Emel... :D

oh yeah i met ZOUL KAMAL as well..

the guy who owns the Hikayatapakuda blogspot :) hahaha
it was nice la seeing all of them tadi :D

Oh yes..These Days,I've been attending Majlis BerTadarus for 3 Daerah..
so one more to go..We'll be going to Temburong on Tuesday :))
Can't wait..hurmmm.. i've always loved Temburong..
i dont know why.. :)
mungkin pasal ya jauh atu kali ah.. jarang banar kesana atu... heee..
i'll make a special post for the MAJLIS TADARUS once complete 4daerah ah :)
maknanya after 24th tah tu :))
coz i got pictures to be shared..

anyways, guys! :)
yeay!!! :D hehehehe
happy nyerrr :D
so. InsyaAllah, esok pu3 update my blog ni lagi k :)

oh p/s: this girl, i miss :)

si Ayai sebenarnya mengugut aku supaya masuk kn gambarnya dlm blog ani :P
haha nada wah.. I REALLY DO MISS YOU.. :')