Saturday, 28 August 2010

"There can be miracles, when you believe"


a msg that i received from my formspring

"dear putri, please be aware that Jed jones is not dead yet. He is brain dead so he is not entirely gone. hope u understand why i'm telling u this. So pray for him"

i didnt know the story in the first place..
people been telling me that he's gone... :'(
i was in a state of shock!

Luckily somebody sent me that msg letting me know the real story....
THANKS to whoeveryouare.... :')

My dear friend, JED JONES is extremely ill.....
visited him today at the JPMC ICU...
he's dying..... :'(
it saddened me when i saw his face..
I cried alot since yesterday...
but today... seeing him like that.........
really HEARTBREAKING..... :'(

when i talked to him tadi,
i can see tears run down his cheeks....
its sad.....
o sad
that i can feel my heart melting..... :'(
wish you could have heard me...

He is still on life support machine..
but according to his dad, the ventilator will be shut down tomorrow (Sunday).. :'(
we are still hoping for a MIRACLE....

Imma dedicate this song to you my dearbenchmate ;')
-HOLD ON by David Choi-

You fought your way up to the wall
But you haven't gone past at all
While gazing with tear filled eyes
You just can't help but ask why?

Trying hard is what it takes
Then why does it feel like a mistake
The world has taken it's side
You just want to run away
And hide

It's tough
There's no one to turn to
I hear, screaming inside you,
Feels like hell's all you've been through
Hell's all you've been through

Hold on
Don't stop your breathing
I see your dreams and
I feel them too

Hold on
Don't lose your faith
I know you can't break
I'm hoping and praying for you

JED, we are praying hard for you...
please... just hang in there man...

wake up anytime soon JED...
please... get up... :'(

May ALLAH bless you.. AMIN!